Going abroad with Skals Efterskole

'We go abroad to investigate the 'white spots' on the map of the World - we are talking about places we have seen before, yet haven't experienced, to broaden our horizon. This way we investigate the 'white spots' in our mind.

Quote by the Danish Author: Ib Michael (Hjemkomster af Vagn Lundbye, Borgens Forlag, 1987)

Being a student at Skals Efterskole you will find that the quote above has some truth to it. You will get the chance to see your own role in the world in a new way.

With the journeys we take and visitors from all over the world we try to make you feel that you are indeed 'A Citizen of The World'.


It is our goal for you that,

  • You get to meet new people and inspiring cultures, and understand the similarities and differences.
  • You use your knowledge of new information in different international contexts.
  • You take  your understanding of cultures, languages and international lessons from your time at Skals Efterskole and use them when you meet new friends from new cultures.

Hopefully, this will give you a stronger understanding of how international relations can open your eyes to be a forthcoming and international oriented citizen.


We wish you all the best on your journey!


You will visit a place in Europe with all of your new friends from Skals Efterskole.


The trip takes place in the autumn, and we have the opportunity to get to know each other even better. On this trip we combine history, arts, and build friendships to start on a fun note!


You get to choose between one of these interesting trips


  • Hanoi (Vietnam) - We have an exchange programme with Nguyen Sieu School for more than five years. You will host a young Vietnamese student in late autumn and visit him/her in spring.
  • Ireland - We spend time in the lovely capital Dublin, visit the west coast of Ireland, and visit Belfast in Northern Ireland.
  • Nepal - You will spend the first three days in a Buddhist monastary where you will be able to get an insight on Buddhist culture and religion. You will be visiting UNESCO heritage sights such as Boudhanath Stupa, Durbar Square and Pashupatinath Temple (one of the holiest Hindu temples). After your first days in Katmandu you will go to the main destination of your visit in Nepal - Yangrima Highschool situated in the Helambu province. You will spend time with students your own age from that school and get to experience the life in the village Sermathang. You have to be relatively fit to take part in this trip as trekking will be part of it. You will reach the top of Yangri Peak (3770 m.) where you have the most astonishing view of the Himalayas.
  • Cambridge and England - Since we have the IGCSE (Cambridge International Examinations), it is a must to visit Cambridge and England. You will take part in a five day English course in Cambridge where you get a taste of the life in this University town. During your stay in Cambridge you will be accommadated in private homes. Furthermore, you get to visit the South of England and London, of course. This would be a tour of the UK you will never forget.


Rejsen går till Nepal med Skals Efterskole
Skals Efterskole i Zimbabwe