Curriculum of Skals Efterskole

The curriculum of the Cambridge classes is built upon Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) and The Danish National Curriculum.

English, Mathematics, German/French and Physics are based upon CIE whereas other subjects (such as Danish) are taught on the basis of Danish National Curriculum.

IGCSE 10 c
All subject (i.e. English, Maths, Physics, 2nd Foreign Language, Economics, and Global Perspectives) are taught within the frame of International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE). Only Danish is taught on the basis of Danish national Curriculum. As an example, if a student graduated with straight A's and B's they could apply to IB and A-level, and the IGCSE would be equivalent to a Pre-IB.

Students from our IGCSE classes are able to choose between the journeys offered that specific term (2019/2020 we offer students a trip to Hanoi, Israel, Nepal, Cambridge/England, and Ireland).

Skals International Project Class
SIP follows its own curriculum and is considered as a transition year, as the students take no National Examination.

The project-based 10th grade (SIP) with no examinations will do their 2-week field trip to a chosen country (The US). The aim is to work with a similar class in Burlington, Vermont.

Esport som profilfag på efterskole
Esport som profilfag på efterskole