Dorms at Skals Efterskole


You might be curious about what it’s like to live in our dorms.

  • Do I have to sleep in a top bunk?
  • Will my closet be big enough to hold all my stuff?
  • How do I create a cozy new room?

You will be offered a room along with three other girls/boys (all rooms are 4-bed rooms). A place that is completely yours. You will soon find out that your dormmates are your new family.

You are allowed to visit the other dorms, between 08:00 and 22:00.

Although we value community life highly, it is also crucial that there is space to be yourself. If you need to be alone, there is always the possibility to go to your room, but as the students themselves say, it usually doesn't take long before you want to open the door to the common room again in order to hear what's going on.

There are two contact teachers for each dorm, looking after the students, to ensure the well-being of every student at the school.

The students are responsible for cleaning their own rooms and the common areas of the houses. Everyone has a cleaning job to do every day.

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Regler på Skals Efterskole

Boarding facilities (mixed zone)

All our students live in five houses, each with a ground floor and a first floor – so we have a total of ten dorms in all. Each dorm has four rooms – typically, 2 rooms with 4 girls in each and 2 rooms with 4 boys in each. So, the 16 students in each dorm are a mixture of girls and boys (mixed zone). In this way, you get used to sharing a common room with each other, doing cleaning duties together and getting along with the opposite sex. Clearly, this is an advantage later in life when you, in connection with further studies, move away from home to live in a students’ hostel.