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Are you ready to attend Skals Efterskole?

We offer you the Danish Efterskole in an International setting.

Danish Efterskole
Historically and culturally the Danish Efterskole is a unique Danish boarding school. Each year more than 30.000 students attend the schools for a year or more. It is worth experiencing.

Attending Skals Efterskole offers education at a high level in an international environment. You get to live and learn with peers from around the World opening your eyes to cultures you may not have met before. We promise you a year with new friendships and experiences which will be fun, secure, and engaging.

Attending Skals Efterskole is a shortcut into building up new friendships. Very few students know each other before they begin here thus they are open to build up new friendships. We will do everything we can to give you a stimulating curriculum and a strong feeling of community with your new friends.

Personal goals
Boarding school reaches beyond the curriculum. We support you in reaching your personal academic goals and together we aim high. School may take up more time than you expect and we teach you the balance of rigor and depth.

We have high academic standards because we know most of our students leave us to pursue upper secondary education, which qualifies for admission to higher education programmes. That is why you have to be ready to do your bit, because transitions are often challenging and difficult. Good luck with your choice of boarding school!

We are looking forward to meeting you at Skals Efterskole.

Esport som profilfag på efterskole