Extended Electives at Skals Efterskole

Your Extended Electives is an opportunity to go into depth and immerse yourself in something you really enjoy.

At Skals Efterskole you create your schedule with a combination of:

  • Academic subjects with a final exam (depending on which class you attend)
  • Extended Electives (E-Sports, Football, Body Mind and Soul, Mediaclass, Creative Needlework, Outdoor, Fitness, and Tumbling)
  • Electives (which you can choose if there is more time in your schedule)
  • Common sessions (we have chosen them - see description elsewhere)

You take part in Extended Electives once a week, where you have time to go into depth with for instance Tumbling.

Each of the Extended Electives will be introduced by teaching faculty at the start of the school year and your final choice can be taken after two weeks trial.

At Skals Efterskole it´s fun to get smart with Extended Electives!

Esport som profilfag på efterskole