Working in Malawi with SIP

Malawi is often called the Warm Heart of Africa for the kindness of its people.

This small landlocked country is one of the safest places in Africa and besides the welcoming Malawians, you will be astonished at how much such a small country has to offer!

Malawi, in Chichewa – the local language – means flames or fire. It is named after the incredible sunset and sunrises over Lake Malawi. Lake Malawi is one of the main attractions of the country!

The 3rd biggest lake in Africa world renowned for its crystal-clear waters but also because it displays the highest number of fish species of any lake in the world!

Living and learning with students from Mount Sinai International School.

You will be staying with families of students from MSIS the first couple of days.

The program includes learning together, making a small project together, doing a short field trip to places of local interest, where you can learn from what you see and discuss important matters with your Malawi counterparts, doing a cultural day/night etc.

When having spent time with the students from MSIS you will be going to Mangochi.

  • You participate in a 3-4 days Youth Camp in Mangochi district. SIP hold all expences related to the Youth camp. An estimated amount of minimum 20.000 will be collected through fundraising in Denmark prior to your departure and donated as a gift to MRCS to be spent on expenses, such as boarding and lodging. Through a SPRINT Course a joint project will be identified and implemented in Malawi with the support from SIP. This could be a Youth House ( 160.000), a girls dormatory ( 100.000), kindergarten ( 60.000), school latrines ( 50.000), wells ( 35.000) or something totally different.
  • SIP students go home and prepare/convey the final joint project – making it ready for implementation after the necessary money has been raised (in the following year).
  • Next years students do the same and they will visit the project. Young Malawians will bring an update to Denmark, when they visit Skals Efterskole in the autumn.


  • Cultural exchange and developing friendships
  • To get knowledge of living, acting and working in a foreign country.
  • To wonder, realize and to act on behalf of new knowledge.
  • To motivate language learning through speaking and writing in English.
  • To have the courage to travel
  • Self-exploration and development of leadership skills
  • To get a hands on experience on how young people live in a 3rd World country.

Bare in mind that this project/journey is only for SIP students.