Road trip to the United States

Next year Skals International Project-class (SIP) will travel to the US


We want to experience as much as we can of the American culture. Things are not always as we see it on TV. Throughout the school year we will try to work together with at least two different school classes in the US. We will be visiting these two classes and stay with some of these students and their families.

The first part of the road trip we will visit Berea High school in Kentucky in the Conservative Mid-west. Berea is a beautiful town in the Bible Belt. Staying with local high school students will be a unique experience. The home stay will give  students a chance to learn more about American daily life. We will also try to get tickets for a basketball game.

After Kentucky, we will travel to Vermont, a more liberal state, in the Northeast. Here we will be visiting with another group of American students. We will be staying in the City of Burlington where we will enjoy Lake Champlain and the  beautiful green mountains. Burlington presents a very laidback lifestyle, is the home of Senator Bernie Sanders.

We will be traveling for around 12 days, and you will have a saying in what to see and do in between the two school visits.