10. SIP

Skals International Project-Class was established at Skals Efterskole more than twenty years ago.

We have tried to create a class that will suit the future educational system and approach to organizing projects in companies.
SIP could be something for you, if are interested in improving your skills in working on projects alongside other students, and you should see yourself as someone who would like to become a World Citizen.

SIP is only for 10th grade students and could be described as a gap year between 9th grade and A-level (gymnasiale uddannelser).

If you are a Danish student you have to do a test in order to fully qualify for the Danish A-level (gymnasiale uddannelser).

For Danish students: Du er fagligt, personligt og socialt klar til en gymnasial ungdomsuddannelse, men du vil noget mere og andet, inden du søger ind på denne.

Vision for Skals International Project-Class - SIP

  • We want to educate entrepreneurs who are able to present in a targeted and creative manner
  • We enable our students in SIP, on the basis of a three week course at Media College Denmark, to use videoproduction as a tool when presenting their projects.
  • We help our SIP students to make a difference for others
  • We run all projects in English

Mission for Skals International Project-Class - SIP

You have to feel that you make a difference in relation to your partners and targetgroup

  • You will learn how to be creative without loosing focus on your goals
  • You become independent, responsible, and you will be ready to work in a manner that suits the way students study at universities and in modern companies
  • You want to make a social, local and global difference
  • You get a new perspective on your own role in the World through the work you do in projects at the school, in the local society and in Africa/Malawi.

Rejse Zimbabwe Skals Efterskole

Eksempel på skema for elev i SIP

Tid Mandag Tirsdag Onsdag Torsdag Fredag
08.00 - 08.25 News Storytelling News Storytelling News
08.30 - 09.50 SIP SIP SIP SIP SIP
10.15 - 11.35 SIP Flekstime eller fag SIP SIP SIP
11.40 Oprydning/rengøring Husmøde/SE-møde Oprydning/rengøring Oprydning/rengøring Oprydning/rengøring
12.05 / 12.15 Fællesmøde/middag Fællesmøde/middag Fællesmøde/middag Fællesmøde/middag Fællesmøde/middag
13.00 - 14.20 SIP K-samtaler Rengøring / Tjek SIP SIP SIP
14.35 - 15.55 Profilfag * Valgfag** Valgfag** 14.30 - 15.00 Sangtime
16.10 - 17.30 SIP gymnastik Profilfag * Spring/rytme
18.15 - 19.15 Studietime Studietime Studietime Studietime

* Se mere om vores profilfag her

** Se mere om vores valgfag her